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5-8 yrs DTC Experience ● Owner, Operations ● CE Trainer III ● TC Trainer IV ● GC Trainer II ● Private Trainer III 

Housetraining ● Crate Training ● Dog-Dog Interactions ● Aggression ● Basic Obedience ● Advanced Obedience ● Working Dog Tasks ● Dog-Cat Interactions ● Fearful Dogs ● Separation Anxiety ● Food/Toy Aggression ● Excessive Behaviors ● Fetch ● Working Dog Tasks ● Working Breeds ● Hounds ● Rescue Dogs

Shannon has been a dog lover for as long as she can remember. She grew up with dogs, and as an adult started fostering dogs for German Shepherd Rescue and Adoptions in 2004.  Shannon became interested in training in an effort to help her many foster dogs become more adoptable. Her interest prompted her to leave her job as a Project Manager to become a Certified Dog Trainer in 2012 and then moved on to become owner and operator of Dog Training Camp in 2014.   She loves to help dogs achieve their full potential and teach owners how to better communicate with their dogs. 

Shannon is located in the Youngsville area in a cute little house on about 4 acres. Half of the property is cleared with several mulched fenced dog areas for play.  Shannon shares her home with her husband David and three kids. Together they have four dogs. Kasey is an adult German Shepherd / Hound mix who  is the mama dog of the pack. Brodie is a fun loving German Shepherd who loves everyone. Leroy the German Shorthaired Pointer is the class clown of the bunch and finally there’s Venus another German Shepherd who loves to play with the puppies! 

When not training dogs, Shannon can be found supporting her oldest daughter at cheer events and chasing her two toddlers around. Shannon enjoys off leash hiking with her pack, and nothing beats a good outdoor concert. She is still involved with rescue groups and fostering, boasting how therapeutic it is to give back to dogs in need.