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 5-8 yrs DTC Experience ● CE Trainer III ● TC Trainer IV ● GC Trainer II ● Private Trainer III Housetraining ● Crate Training ● Dog-Dog Interactions ● Aggression ● Basic Obedience ● Advanced Obedience ● Working Dog Tasks ● Fearful Dogs ● Separation Anxiety ● Food/Toy Aggression ● Excessive Behaviors ● Puppies● Pack Manners ● Working Breeds ● Golden Retrievers ● Rescue Dogs

Heather and Jay were part of Dog Training Camp from its inception, but moved away for 3 years. They are new to the team as of 2019, but are not new to dog training by any means. We are so glad to have them back! 

Heather always trained her own dogs and loved going to as many dog training classes as she could find. She and Jay began fostering for Golden Retriever rescue in 2003, when they finally had a house with a yard. All their fosters were trained when they got adopted, and they never had a single one returned to the rescue. When offered a job at DTC, they were thrilled! They had a chance to make a living doing something they love; training dogs.

Heather and Jay are located in Zebulon, with a house on almost 2 acres, along with their grown son and 4 happy rescue dogs. Their dogs (3 Golden Retriever boys, and 1 female black lab) are great role models and help set the example for dogs in training. Jasper is their old guy. He has super calm energy and is always ready to help a fearful dog learn to relax. He's always had wonderful dog manners and can read other dogs perfectly. Danny is the dog who loves every single living thing in this world. He's never met a stranger and absolutely adores puppies. Castle is the enforcer. He corrects unstable energy, but he's also the one who will lie outside the crate of dogs who are anxious around other dogs and calm them down. He knows when to approach them and when to give them a bit more space. Nova thinks she's a princess (and Jay tends to agree). She's a bit anxious around other dogs at first but warms up quickly. She's the athletic coach. She'll run and run and run with another dog and wear them out. She never gets tired of running.

Heather and Jay have been married since 1992. They enjoy the outdoors and occasionally shooting pool. Heather enjoys casual photography and Jay enjoys a bit of woodworking. One of their very favorite vacation spots is the Outer Banks.