Carleigh Louviere

Time with DTC USA:
3 years


Carleigh joined the DTC USA Team after her personal dog completed the DTC USA training program in order to expand her knowledge of dog training.

Carleigh had a farm pup who sadly passed in April of 2020. Carleigh had worked with her to show her the responsibilities she had as the farm dog, and she was such a good one. She trained her to stay on the property, alert the family when someone unfamiliar pulled into the driveway, and protect the family and animals. Before DTCUSA, Carleigh also worked with a few family friends' pups, teaching them better house manners. 



Carleigh lives with her mom, dad, and sister on four acres of wooded countryside with plenty of shade for cooler doggy playtime. She has a Blue Heeler/Border Collie mix, Asher, who loves exploring and cuddles! Carleigh has always worked with different kinds of animals in different fields. They have always filled a void no one else could fill. She has done everything from training horses and dogs, to giving first aid/medical care to the farm animals/pets.


Carleigh's Roles:

  • Day Camp Trainer  
  • Continuing Education Trainer  
  • Training Camp Trainer  
  • Private Trainer