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5-8 yrs DTC Experience ● Owner, Quality ● CE Trainer III ● TC Trainer IV ● GC Trainer II ● Private Trainer III

Housetraining ● Crate Training ● Dog-Dog Interactions ● Aggression ● Basic Obedience ● Advanced Obedience ● Working Dog Tasks ● Dog-Cat Interactions ● Dog-Kid Interactions ● Separation Anxiety ● Food/Toy Aggression ● Excessive Behaviors ● Fetch ● Working Dog Tasks ● Working Breeds ● Hounds ● Rescue Dogs

When Donnie was 5 years old his father brought home Satan, America’s first Explosive Detection Dog. Donnie grew up with Satan and began training with Satan at age 12. After serving in the Navy from 1980-84 Donnie came home to help his father establish NC K9 Training, Inc. which includes Hadnot Creek Kennels in Swansboro, NC. During the 1980’s and 1990’s, Donnie served in many capacities with law enforcement and working dogs.


With an increasing number of families obtaining a family dog that would be an indoor pet, Donnie saw a need for the basic, down-to earth training of the average family pet. In 2001 he began spending his weekends in the Raleigh/Durham area helping families with difficult dogs that other area trainers could not handle. The same year, Donnie also began training other dog trainers. Donnie’s Instinctive Obedience methods have raised the bar in the North Carolina dog training world. His techniques include positive reinforcement and praise, as well as treating dogs like dogs. Donnie does not use tricks or treats. Donnie loves both people and dogs. He is passionate about sharing the simple techniques he has learned over the years. What Donnie does is simple to him and he has the gift of effectively conveying that simplicity to others.  


From 2001 to the present-day, Donnie has trained thousands of personal pets and hundreds of people including Search and Rescue Teams, Service Dogs, and Veterinarian office staffs. Dozens of dog rescue organizations and dog-foster organizations across North Carolina ask for Donnie’s assistance with difficult dogs and to assist in training foster handlers with basic dog handling skills. Donnie Hult has saved the lives of hundreds of dogs that would have been euthanized for behavior problems through Hadnot Creek Kennel training services.


As an avid Outdoorsman, when Donnie isn’t training dogs and/or people, he is out in the woods training Boy Scouts. Donnie’s experience over the past 35 years has allowed him to develop training techniques that give people the ability to utilize their dogs' instinctual behaviors in an uncomplicated way using simple-to-follow methods. Donnie teaches people these methods through simple communication techniques that dogs understand. His combined experiences enable him to explain and demonstrate these techniques to large groups of people in any setting in an easy, relatable manner.  Donnie Hult has dedicated his life to facilitating healthy, happy relationships between humans and dogs. He loves what he does; Donnie is always seen with a smile on his face. Donnie’s greatest satisfaction in life is making a difference. Give any dog, any person, or any group of people 30 minutes with Donnie and they will come away enriched, empowered, and even inspired.