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DTC Intern – CE Trainer I, GC Assistant, Private Assistant

Chrystal began interning with DTCUSA in September 2018. Chrystal’s first dog was a rescue named Willow. They were together for almost 16 years. She was an amazing dog and is the reason Chrystal fell in love with rescue dogs. After losing her, she began volunteering at Saving Grace which is what ultimately brought her to DTCUSA. Seeing dogs surrendered or returned to shelters because of behaviors that could be prevented with proper training drew Chrystal to learn more about dog behavior. Her goal is to be able to positively enhance the relationship between dogs and their families so everyone is happy and safe. 

Chrystal has a young pup in her life now: Max! Max is a Saving Grace rescue that Chrystal fostered and could not let go. He is smart and learning fast so that one day he will set the example for dogs in training. 

Chrystal is located in Durham near Brier Creek in a quiet neighborhood with a nice fenced backyard. Chrystal is an informatics nurse and has been a nurse for about 15 years. She loves jigsaw puzzles, reading, and watching movies.