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Private Training

Work with the best trained trainers in the USA! Our trainers have worked with thousands of dogs, and will set you up to succeed with simple, intuitive leadership exercises that can be easily applied in various situations.

Leadership starts at home! A Dog Training Camp USA Trainer can observe your dog's habits and teach you how to quickly address home related issues such as house training, door manners, barking, jumping on guests, counter surfing, etc.

Purchase a Private Training Package to combine home and public manners! Receive in person assistance in various dog-friendly locations so your dog knows what's expected no matter where he/she goes or who he/she is with.

Each Private Training option includes the opportunity to join our Leash Manners class! Practice your new leash handling and leadership skills with our continued support in a very controlled setting at one of our two park locations.

Work with the best trained trainers in the USA!

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Private Training

Contact our office to help you determine the best Private Training option to meet your training goals, budget, and lifestyle!
  • Trainers focus on your individual training goals and develop customized training exercises to address specific problem behaviors
  • All sessions are in person and adjusted to what works for both the dog AND client.
  • Prices are the same no matter how many people or personal dogs are present
  • All Private Training options include one or more Leash Manners classes (see details)
  • Includes 1 session and a Bonus of 1 Leash Manners class
  • Focus is on problem behaviors in your home
  • Follow-up sessions scheduled on an as needed basis ($150/each)
  • Includes 5 sessions (3 in person skills practice plus 2 Leash Manners classes)
  • Focused on basic obedience, home and public manners, and how to address any specific problem behaviors identified by you
  • A crash course on how to speak "dog" and encourage better life-long habits
  • Includes 5 sessions (3 in person skills practice plus 2 Leash Manners classes)
  • Topics include Potty/crate training, basic commands, proper play manners, and introduction to leash walking
  • Focus is on puppy management, the importance of daily routine, and how to love your new pup with leadership
  • Includes 9 sessions (5 in person skills practice plus 4 Leash Manners classes)
  • Great for puppy through adolescent phase of development as training needs evolve
  • Great for more severe behavioral issues that require more consistency, confidence & control from handler
  • Appropriate if you are dealing with severe or dangerous behavioral issues
  • Appropriate if you are debating rehoming
  • Appropriate if you are considering euthanasia vs training
  • We will help you determine if a training service will help, as sometimes an in-person professional training assessment is needed
  • We will assess your dog's behavior(s) where they are happening and provide you with upfront, honest advice to enable you to make the best decision possible
  • Great first step towards future Therapy, Emotional Support or Service Dog work

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