Training Camp Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of “must-haves” to send along with your dog:

  • Current rabies tag or proof of rabies vaccination certificate
  • Their collar w/ ID tags
  • Bag of Dog Food
  • Flea/Tick, Heartworm, or other meds to be administered along with instructions.
  • Favorite toy or bone
  • Crate (*ask your trainer if needed)
  • Long Term Behavior Modification
    DTC USA teaches real life, practical manners and establishes long-lasting habits. Most dogs can “sit” or “down” especially if you have a treat in your hand. It’s more useful to have them behave well in the house and in public places. Our training strengthens the relationship and communication between you and your dog for a lifetime of harmony.
  • Individual Attention
    We limit our training so that you and your dog get the attention you deserve.
  • Team Effort
    Our trainers work together to provide your dog the benefit of combined years of expertise.
  • Public Manners
    Once your dog masters the leash and basic obedience, we take their skills on the road. Field trips allow your dog to practice their training in different settings and with a variety of distractions.
  • Support
    DTC USA provides hands-on training to transfer the basics of leadership to you and your family, setting everyone up for success. Campers are also encouraged to attend ongoing group classes where owners and their dogs can practice their new skills with the support of the DTC USA team.
We allow a few days for your dog to settle in and develop trust before their true personality starts to emerge. It takes time to undo unwanted behaviors and replace them with better habits.
A structured, consistent routine allows us to establish habits that are easy for you to maintain with little effort.
Half of your dog’s training is with us, but the other half is reinforcement and practiced at home with you. We provide all the humans in the household with the tools & techniques they need to maintain everything their dog has learned and support them even after their dog goes home through optional in-home sessions, group classes, and more!
DTC USA communicates with leadership in a way that dogs understand. We also figure out what motivation works best with your dog and individualize the training to achieve the best results. We DO NOT use electronic shock collars.

YES! They will remember you AND the things they used to get away with when they come home. That’s why it’s imperative you keep up with the training we teach you, especially the 1st week they are home, so your dog learns the same rules they followed while with us also apply at home with you as well.

NO! We do not want to change the personality of your dog. He/she will still be the same goofy, shy, stubborn, or feisty dog when they return. It’s up to us to get to know your dog’s unique personality and add to their behavior, not take anything away. We just teach them that calmness and obedience work much better to get our attention and the things they want. They learn to look to us for direction/permission and follow our lead anywhere!
Each trainer has made their own journey so exact certifications will vary. Becoming a DTC USA trainer is an apprenticeship program where their skill level is evaluated and certified by master trainers. This requires many hours of hands-on training with various types of dogs and behaviors, as well as formal class instruction. Other trainers may be considered “certified” after only completing an online course without ever handling a dog. That is not the case with the DTC USA Team. We are the premier trainer of trainers!
Training Camp requires a deposit at confirmation to reserve the dates, with the balance due before the training begins.
You can request an update from your trainer on your dog’s progress at any time during camp. We stay in close contact with you the entire time and happy to provide pictures and videos. You might also see them posted on our social media pages!

Customer testimonials

We did a 3 week board + train for our 7 month old Golden retriever, Zelda, and we couldn’t be happier with not only the results but the entire process! Our trainers Heather and Jay took the time to know us and our needs and were so knowledgeable. Zelda was already a sweet pup but incredibly excitable and struggled with self control. She is still that sweet excited pup but with much better manners! The training experience was great but the real test came afterwards. Thanks to the tools Heather and Jay taught us, Zelda has continued to improve and learn ( as do we as a family, even my 8 year old enjoys helping!). We are so thankful for Dog Training Camp and look forward to continuing to work with them!


We decided to do a 3 week training camp for our 1.5 year old German Shepherd, Otis. We had a great experience with trainer Jenna and Shannon. They taught us many useful techniques and provided a vast knowledge on German Shepherds. Otis learned better self control around other people and dogs as well as having better manners. Jenna has provided many updates on Otis throughout the entire time. Not only did Otis learn a lot from Dog Training Camp, we also learned a lot of different types of training tips and continue to learn a lot more from attending the Sunday classes. We are very happy and thankful for having the opportunity to learn from Jenna and Shannon at the Dog Training Camp!


We used Dog Training Camp USA initially as a continuing education weekend when we were going to be out of town. Our dog was very happy and had learned things over that short period of time. Jonathan was able to assess her and tell us the best time for her to proceed with camp, if we decided to go that route. Later we had Jonathan train her for three weeks. She came back a more laid-back dog and was much more manageable in our home. She was able to follow commands and all of us could enjoy her much more than we had before she left for training. Jonathan has given us many tools so that we can continue to improve her behavior. He made it very easy for pick-up and drop-offs, as we were out of town. We look forward to many more weekends of continuing education in the future! Thank you.


Our Toller/Shepherd mix thought she was the leader of our house and had also become aggressive towards other dogs. Walks had become a struggle, and so we had stopped taking her places. We met with Kersti Nieto at Dog Training Camp who suggested the 3 week camp. Kersti was amazing with her! Our dog is very smart and stubborn, but also very sensitive– Kersti was the perfect balance of “Alpha-leader” combined with gentle love. We were able to watch her progress through Instagram updates and videos– soon we saw her hanging out with other dogs– something we thought would never happen! She came home able to sit, stay and walk next to us. She has had a few ongoing challenges as she adjusts to us being her leader vs. Kersti, but Kersti and the other trainers have been there for us every step of the way. We do weekly follow ups and Kersti has come back to our house when we’ve had questions or issues. I can’t recommend them enough! We feel so much more confident and Luna is happier knowing what her boundaries are.



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