Jenna Anthony

Time with DTC USA:
4 years 2 months

When Jenna first came across DTC USA in 2019, she had just left a previous job, and was completely lost on what to do until seeing a post about being a trainer assistant! She always loved animals but didn’t know how to get involved until working with Shannon. Jenna quickly grew to realize a true passion. There are so many dogs who get misplaced due to behavioral issues, and she knew there was a way to help! 

Jenna grew up around lots of animals; dogs and cats, plus a large range of farm animals! In 2019, she got her first personal dog that was solely her responsibility, a husky named Moose!

He became Jenna’s best friend, and first “challenge” dog, and they spent time training, going out to parks, and just hanging out. His stubborn husky personality was far different than the dogs Jenna was used to. He tested and strengthened her skills and ultimately made Jenna a better “trainer” before she knew what a true “trainer” was. Jenna self taught and researched ways to figure Moose out.

Her family fell in love with the breed and started looking for another husky. They ended up stumbling across a massive rescue operation and took in a bunch, rehabbing and rehoming many! Most of them had never had a positive experience around a human, let alone another dog. They started off close to “feral dogs” and now most of them are in happy, loving pet homes! 

Since then, Jenna has worked in a few different varieties of training, learning all about the different styles, what works and doesn’t, and learning about all the different breeds and temperaments. 

Jenna lives in Smithfield, NC with her three goofy labs! Gus, a 1.5 year old chocolate, Ranger a 1 year old black lab, and Sadie, a 8 month old yellow lab.

Gus is a big baby, such a people pleaser and the gentlest soul.

Ranger is our more “drivey” lab, and loves to play scent tracking games and ball!

Sadie is her brothers’ shadow, following along to whatever they do! She is the crazy love bug! She comes and just wants love, love, and more love.

When not actively training dogs, Jenna considers herself a homebody. She loves to hang out at home with her guys! A good trip to the lake or beach is always nice too!

Jenna’s Qualifications

  • Continuing Education Trainer I
  • Training Camp Trainer I
  • Private Trainer I

Jenna is Especially Good At:

•          Housetraining

•          Crate Training

•          Basic Obedience

•          Advanced Obedience

•          Pack Manners

•          Labs

•          Working Dog Tasks

•          Puppies

•          Working Breeds

•          German Shepherds

•          Rescue Dogs