Avery Pearce

Time with DTC USA:
1 year 11 months


Avery joined the DTC USA Team after hearing about it through a friend. She jumped at the opportunity to learn and get more hands on experience with dogs. 

Avery has grown up around dogs since birth. Her dad always had beagles and they traveled up and down the east coast for field trials. She has always enjoyed walking them on leash and traveling to watch these dogs in their element during field trials. When she was younger, she won Junior Handler of the Year in their club.

Avery has 2 dogs of her own. Sadie is a calm, sweet Labrador retriever who loves to swim in the pond and play fetch until she’s tired. Then she just wants her belly rubbed. Sadie is Avery’s outdoor buddy and follows her anywhere when they’re outside at home. She also has Brice the Yorkie, who thinks he runs the household even though he’s so small. He is full of personality. Avery loves spending time with her dogs and doing any outdoor activity.  

Avery’s Roles:

  • Day Camp Trainer  
  • Continuing Education Trainer  
  • Training Camp Trainer