Leigh Nieto

Time with DTC USA:
2 years 1 month



Leigh joined the DTCUSA team to spend more time with dogs, and she enjoys getting to know their different personalities. Since the start of the pandemic, she has been spending more time with foster dogs, and discovered how much joy they can bring. 

Leigh grew up on a farm in the country with all kinds of animals, including dogs, but considered herself a cat person until she was 18 and got her first dog Nolie. Nolie helped her understand the special connection a person can have with a dog and how it can be one of the most rewarding relationships a person can have. 




Leigh lives near downtown Raleigh in a bungalow with a fenced in yard with room to romp and play.  She has two dogs and a cat at home. 

-Ronan, a goofy, lovable German Shepherd who is always looking for new friends to play with. 

-Violet, a vivacious Pomeranian who thinks she’s Leigh's personal assistant and does her best to keep everyone in line. 

-Lizzie, a chunky calico cat who loves laid back dogs but knows when to keep her distance 

When not spending time with her animals, Leigh loves watching old movies, gardening, and handywork around the house. 


Leigh's Qualifications

Continuing Education Trainer I


Leigh is Especially Good At


  • House training 
  • Basic Obedience
  • Crate training
  • Small companion breeds
  • Fearful dogs
  • Dog-dog interactions