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In 2012, Donnie Hult and Shannon Beamon put their heads together to create a dog training service

unlike any other.

Dog Training Camp USA

Donnie Hult

Donnie Hult was born into the dog world. His dad owned and operated a boarding kennel so he naturally picked up on the nature of dogs and how to “talk” to them. In 2001 Donnie started coming to Raleigh to help owners and the rescue community with aggressive and difficult behaviors which no other trainers could handle. Rescue dogs can come with some serious “baggage” so Donnie started volunteering to teach foster homes on how to better handle their difficult foster dogs. And this is when he met Shannon.

Shannon Beamon

Shannon Beamon also grew up with dogs as her family always had a dog or cat in the household. In 2004 Shannon fostered her first German Shepherd and was hooked. She became fully engulfed in the rescue world and eventually became the German Shepherd Rescue foster home coordinator. One particular foster dog that had some pretty tough behavior issues led her to a foster workshop with none other than Donnie. In 2012, she decided to take the plunge, quit her corporate Project Management position and do this dog thing for a living!

The Details

Donnie and Shannon KNEW without doubt that the “board and train” method worked.

Donnie had seen it work with K9 officers and their police dogs.

Shannon had seen it work for hundreds of foster dogs.

The Core Concept is putting dogs in stable homes with clear, consistent routines with well-balanced dogs and trainers. Our trainers learn each individual dog's personality and teach them to look to their people for cues of what to do.

From many years of matching K9s to handlers as well as foster dogs to forever families, Donnie and Shannon learned to understand and train dogs, and even more importantly learned to understand dog owners.

Everyone has their own idea of what a “trained” dog is, so training a dog to follow an arbitrary set of commands isn't enough.

Each dog needs to learn the behavior which is required for their owner's individual lifestyle.

Not everyone is keen on sending their dog away for training, so other services were developed over the years to create the suite of services offered today by Dog Training Camp USA.

We offer flexible services to meet the needs of all our customers. Our team of extremely knowledgable trainers was assembled and trained in-house to accommodate all types of dogs and customers.

We pride ourselves on the relationships we’ve developed with our client base and are fortunate to be able to follow our passion of helping dogs and their people every day.
Dog Training Camp
Continuing Education

Meet Our Awesome Team.

Our trainers are our heart and soul. They love their work and it shows. Each of our trainers goes through extensive, real life education to ensure they provide the highest level of training possible to each client. From small dogs to large, whether timid or aggressive, our trainers can help. Their many years of experience make it all look easy.

What Do Our Customers Say?

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